Penetration Testing ( Price starts at 1500)

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a security test used to check loopholes in a company's digital infrastructure. Undergoing the test is essential to keep a check on the organization's vulnerability to online threats.

Given how important penetration testing is, Digital Mitron offers a full scope of penetration tests. Our team of experts performs various types of penetration tests depending on the needs of your business. We have designed our services to stimulate a real cyber-attack to test the cybersecurity aspects of web applications.

Digital Mitron is committed to providing web development services, including penetration testing. Our team of experienced hackers search for security breaches in systems and provide the best possible solutions. We aim to strengthen security and protect your organization's interests in cyberspace. With our outstanding knowledge and expertise, we will provide you round the clock assistance.

Why Choose Us?

We are passionate about cybersecurity and believe that no company is fully secure. We have invested our cybersecurity team to research, and offer cutting-edge and in-depth security services.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get by opting for our penetration testing services.

Risk Management:

It is one of the most essential aspects of penetration testing as it provides you a baseline to work upon and preserve business from the risk, structurally, and optimally. With our penetration testing services, we will help you expose vulnerabilities along with risks related to it. The test evaluates perils to determine levels of risk involved, from high to low.

Enhance Business Continuity:

For many organizations, it is one of the major concerns as any cyber issue could lead to a break in business continuity. Lack of protection is one of the reasons why systems are insecure and suffer from various security loopholes.

Today, hackers are being hired to stop business continuity by gaining access, which usually crashes and breaks the server.

Save Clients, Partners, and Other Parties:

A security breach of a website impacts its target audience and parties associated with it severely. Companies need to conduct penetration tests more frequently to avert such attacks. We, as penetration testing agency, make sure to take necessary measures to protect and secure your server and help increase users' trust and confidence in your organization.

Estimate Security Investment:

With our penetration testing, we will help you take a look at the current security position to determine potential loopholes. We will provide you with a fair view of the existing security process and ensure that correct configuration management practices are followed. Our test grants you an opportunity to interpret the current security of your business online and enlightens you on what needs to be done to further improve its security.

Improve Public Relations and Safeguard your Reputation:

After years of struggle and hard work, a company builds its reputation and lasting relationships with clients. A huge investment goes into securing the goodwill of consumers but it only takes a single security breach to destroy years of trust.

When a site is insecure, the viewpoint of customers changes dramatically as they are sensitive to security issues. Therefore, when a proper penetrating test is conducted on a regular basis, it makes it hard for unauthorized attackers to breach or penetrate the security fence of your business.

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